Hi, I am Keidi.

I love cats, and I love a good story!

With memories and all the details still freshly etched in my heart and mind today,  I was so deeply moved when I witnessed my best friend's home water birth 5 years ago. What a beautiful birth party surrounded by her husband, first daughter, close friends, Bobo their black Labrador, her Birth Doulas and Obstetrician. It was like nothing that I have ever seen or experienced. There was so much love, intimacy, respect and calmness in her birthing space. No frantic screaming, struggling, bright surgical lights, quite the opposite of what I watch in the movies. That was a gentle beginning to life! It completely opened my eyes to a brand new way of thinking about birth. I knew right then, that many women need to see and hear more of these positive birth stories and know that they too, can have the kind of birth experience that they truly deserve and desire.

I remember telling my best friend, "Somebody needs to shoot and document this!" After 10 years of working with people with Autism in Special Education, I knew that my season was over. With my arts background in Photography, there was an inner calling to pursue it again. So in 2014, I left the teaching field, picked up my camera and started shooting and documenting home births in Singapore, and the rest was history.

Any given moment is indeed gone forever and cannot be reproduced. The power of photographs lies in the ability to piece these memories and stories together. But this is far more than just capturing births and babies in pictures. My vision is to allow my work as a visual narrative that constantly challenges the common perception and notion on the process of birthing, which is still largely based on fear and pain. But I believe that is all going to change in the coming years as more people acquire more information and have a higher awareness on this subject. I have tremendous faith in the ability and the gift of the female's body to birth, gloriously. Ultimately, my work seeks to bring the community together, engaging them in conversations and to support and encourage one another to seek and make more informed choices during their birth journey.

Besides playing with my cats and being behind my camera, I am also a Birth Doula with Four Trimesters. You can find out more about my Doula work here.