As glorious as a wedding, birthing is one of the most life-changing and transformational event of our lives.  This is also the day when you celebrate the birth of a Mother and Father. Every single birth is unique and different, and it is going to be such a special journey for you!

Before you know it, that day is here. There would be so many moments that your heart longs to remember forever. The gentle touch of your partner, the reassuring support from your Doula, a family member, a close friend or even your most beloved pet. The laughter, the tears, the quiet and intimate moments, the intensity of labour rushes, the outpouring of emotions, or the simple joy of probably having the presence of your children, anticipating the arrival of their little newborn brother or sister.  Lots are happening, and things are moving at unpredictable pace. And then as time stands still, you have a baby in your arms, it's time to cut the cord, and oh, just look at that gorgeous tree of life, your beautiful placenta!

Karl Lagerfeld said it perfectly: "What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce." 

You want to capture your birth journey but the last thing you want would be shaky and blurry images, or having to miss a shot! You might want your birth partners to capture these precious moments, yet you might also need them to support you in the process. Having a professional photographer at your birth means you can be rest assured on the quality of the images, not having to worry about having the right equipment, finding a great angle,  and dealing with low light environments. It helps to take the pressure off your birth partners as they are able to focus on taking care and supporting you so that you can have the birth experience you desire. Plus, they would be in many of the images. Most of them end up not being in the photos if they are the ones taking them!

As your birth unfolds, I will be weaving your birth story, detailing with glimpses of delicate and big moments, keeping in mind the need to respect your birthing space without being intrusive or disruptive. I do my very best under low light condition without the use of flash photography so as to create a calm, safe and quiet environment. You and your baby truly deserve a gentle beginning to life.