When do I make a booking?

It would be good to get in touch as soon as you have decided that you would want to have photography done on your birthing day. I try to keep to shooting 4 births a month and slots do fill up fast so do make your booking soon.


Ok great! So I have decided to book you. What's next?

We will meet up for a prenatal visit to get to know each other and discuss what you would like to capture on birthing day. Some people want everything to be photographed while some are not comfortable with certain shots so it would be open for discussion and I would most gladly honour your requests. Also, we will go through the terms and agreement, and discuss any questions or concerns that you might have.


When do I call you on birthing day?

When you make a booking, I am basically on call 24/7 from weeks 37-42. That means my phone is always with me and it is always switched on ringer mode! I would love to capture as much as I can on the day, so do call me when you are starting to have signs of labour. I would also most likely come in at the same time with your Birth Doula. If you are unsure, always call! 


How long would you take to get to my home any how long do you stay?

I stay near Bukit Timah area and I would do my very best to get you within 45 minutes to an hour. It really depends on the traffic and weather condition so do call as soon as you feel like this is it! I stay as long as the birth takes. I also stay for up to 2 hours after the birth to capture all the sweet bonding moments.


Will you be sharing my photos online on social media platforms?

I would love to share the bundle of joy moments on my social media pages and my website, but only with a signed Media Released form from you to ensure that I have your permission to do so. Your privacy is as important to me and do rest assured that I will only post discrete images of your birth journey. 


What is the payment like?

A collection of 50% commencement payment will be required on our prenatal meeting to secure a slot and to ensure my availability to you on your big day. The rest of the balance payment should be made by 36 weeks. This arrangement is made so that you can fully focus on bonding with your baby after the birth and do not have to worry about settling the payment.


Do you only shoot for home births? How about maternity, family, newborns and breastfeeding photography?

Yes I do also provide services for other types of photography and different packages are available as well. For pricing and session details, do drop me an email.


If you have more questions, do get in touch!